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The Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP) is a dynamic national professional membership association for administrative professionals in Australia.

AIOP is focussed on raising the profile of the profession across the business community, accelerating the professional and personal development of its member by actively promoting the standing of the profession through its pathways to education and training, professional and personal development events and webinars, and workshops hosted by both AIOP National and Divisions around Australia.

AIOP members include administrative professionals from entry level to executive management, and represent a diverse range of industries and roles which include managers, executive/personal assistants, team leaders, project officers, paralegals and administrative support staff.

AIOP is affiliated with similar associations located in the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and New Zealand who connect with approximately 220,000 administrative professionals via various networks e.g., the World Administrators Summit (8 and 15 May 2021) and the World Administrators Alliance Interim Council to promote the profession.

AIOP Constitution 2021-2022 (Download the document)

Statements of Purpose


To be the leading organisation for administrative professionals that develops and mentors its members, through career development with pathways to education and training.


AIOP’s purpose is to empower and promote excellence and best practices in the administrative profession and to establish collaborative, strategic alliances to advance continuous professional and personal development.

Pillars to achieve the Purpose

      1. Provides professional development opportunities
      2. Develops pathways to vocational education and training
      3. Mentors its members
      4. Offers networking opportunities
      5. Establishes collaborative relationships and form strategic alliances
      6. Promotes the value of our profession
      7. Remains a sustainable association
      8. Provides resources to assist our profession in best practice

AIOP National Theme 2022

The world changes and roles are changing along with it. When the pandemic began, there was a huge change for people and workplaces. Clearly, the way we work has changed, the processes for managing workers have changed, and the workplace is still in flux.

Now that people are slowly returning to the office, many workplaces are going through a reinvention process. The role of the office professional has been redefined over history, and will continue to be redefined. The theme is Redefining the Office Professional 2022.

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Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP) ABN 68 004 992 527

National Secretariat:

POST: PO Box 548, South Perth WA 6951


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