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Renewal and Payment Options

To renew your membership:

      • Log in to AIOP website, see Sign In at the top of the AIOP Front Page and access your profile.
      • Update your profile if necessary, including a mobile number, current email address.
      • Use the Renew Now button on the right-hand side to renew your membership.
      • After the 1 July your membership will be suspended, until you renew it. From 1 July your membership fee will revert to the advertised fee of $140.
      • AIOP has offered Early Bird renewal campaigns in the past from 15 May until 30 June.
      • Take advantage of the Early Bird renewal campaign of the promoted discount, if available. 
      • Membership renewals are due annually by 1 July.

Other options

If you are not in a position to take up our Early Bird offer and would prefer one of the options below, please advise no later than 30 June at you would prefer the direct debit option and which selection would work best for you.

* Monthly

* Quarterly

* Six-monthly

If you don't receive a reminder Member Update by 1 July, please contact the National Membership Officer,

Membership Update 

To upgrade your membership please provide evidence of qualification/s e.g. proof of completing the qualification, and a copy of your resume’ listing years of working experience and apply to the membership team.

Pro-Rata membership

Pro-rata membership discount does not apply to General and Student Members or Affiliates of AIOP.

New members who join in October – December receive a 25% discount and financial until 30 June.

New members who join in January – March receive a 50% discount, and financial until 30 June.

New members who join between April – June membership is valid until the end of the following financial year, e.g. a new member who joins in April 2023, is a financial member until 30 June 2024 (15 months of membership).

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