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The Modern-Day Assistant SINGAPORE

Tuesday 13 – Wednesday 14 February 2024

Course Type: In-Person


The role of the Assistant has changed beyond recognition. The press is full of stories about how the role is disappearing and we know that many of the task-based parts of the job are either being outsourced or taken over by artificial intelligence. Still, it is also rated by Glassdoor as one of the top 10 careers of the future.

So where does that leave you?

There has never been a more confusing time to be an Assistant because the responsibilities have developed so fast. And coming out of Covid, you have never needed to prove your value to the business and what you contribute to the bottom line so categorically.

In this ground-breaking training, Lucy Brazier looks at the role – past, present and future – to explain why it has developed how it has. She explores the opportunities this creates for you to become a true business partner to your executive, including developing the partnership, establishing the ground rules, communicating, adapting to their style and maintaining a great partnership.


Executive Support LIVE Wellington

Friday 8 – Saturday 9 March 2024

Course Type: In-Person

Join Lucy Brazier for two days of unparalleled workshops, training, motivation and networking.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend two days focusing on your career progression and development! Engage in meaningful conversations with colleagues and speakers, expanding your administrative resource network.

Learn to lead alongside your executive and your teams. Come away with new, updated, and practical skills.

We know you will leave inspired to challenge your role and excel your career as an Assistant.


Executive Assistant Congress Perth

Be inspired, empowered and enabled to thrive in your career

Wednesday and Thursday 29-30 May 2024, Perth

After 10 years of delivering outstanding conferences to Executive Assistants, we are pleased to announce that we will finally heading to Western Australia for the Inaugural Executive Assistant Congress – Perth.

This conference has been developed at a crucial time for EAs, where professional development and learning can make you shine more than ever before.

Uncertain times require decisive leadership, and the evolving role of modern EAs is not only to support leadership, but often to provide it.

This programme has been tailored to provide personal and collaborative skills to EAs, which will transform the way you and your executive work. These practical tips will be the difference between blending in and being bold; now, and through wherever your career takes you.

Australia’s premiere EAs, senior executives, and seasoned experts will help you become your best self, with sessions including:

  • Mastering the art of time management and achieve your goals
  • Connecting with your executive and team by ‘speaking their language’
  • Developing your skills strategically with advice from senior executives
  • Making enough time to work, to rest, to laugh, and to love, in harmony
  • Work smart with Microsoft Teams, and make technology work for you
  • Become your executive’s greatest asset with confidence and communication
  • Dreaming big about the future career that you deserve, and the road to lead you there

Click here for the draft agenda and learn how you can be more than “just an EA”!

Also, Intrepid Minds requires from you is a hand in recruiting four Executives who work with an Executive Assistant.  Do you have a great relationship with your Executive?  Are you valued highly by her or him?  If you do, and if you are, these are exactly the kind of people we need to come along and answer questions on a panel.  I appreciate they have jampacked diaries, and time is precious. 

For each of the four Executives who put up their hand (or are volunteered by you), Intrepid Minds will provide a pass for the EA to that Executive to attend the Inaugural Executive Assistant Congress as their guest. 

The panel subject is as follows, with some points from which the questions will be drawn:

Aligning your mindset with your Senior Executive to strengthen your strategic partnership

  • Unpacking what is required within your strategic partnership,
  • Listing the skills, experiences, and values that Senior Executives seek,
  • Communicating effectively to foster a great working relationship,
  • Using your social skills to be CEO’s strongest ambassador 
  • Implementing effective and practical decision-making


This is one of the most highly regarded sessions over this two-day conferences. 

Contact Peta Dixon directly at Intrepid Minds at or via her mobile 0419 262 945. 

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