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Education Day with Steuart Snooks and AIOP's Education Providers

  • 27 Aug 2024
  • 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Online
  • 94


  • complimentary webinar
  • complimentary webinar.


AIOP Education Day 

Tuesday 27 August 2024 at 11.15am AWT (Perth) (note the start time)

Performing Under Pressure - Managing Changing and Conflicting Priorities with Steuart Snooks 

Updates - Torrens University, The College of Adult Learning, The Career Academy

Managing changing and conflicting priorities is a crucial skill for office professionals, especially when operating in fast-paced environments. As expectations shift and new tasks arise, the ability to adapt and prioritize effectively becomes vital. This skill not only ensures that essential tasks are completed on time but also helps maintain focus and reduce challenges in high-pressure situations. In this National Webinar presented by Steuart Snooks the issue of Empowering Office Professionals to Achieve Success he will delve into strategies and insights to help you excel in managing changing and conflicting priorities, allowing you time to perform at your best, under pressure.

About the Webinar 

Steuart Snooks will guide you through the steps needed to be able to perform under pressure and manage daily conflicting priorities.

About the Guest Speaker 

Steuart Snooks 

Steuart helps busy professionals and executives improve their workplace performance, productivity and outcomes . . . beginning with email.

He is the Email & Workplace Productivity Expert who works with busy professionals and their teams to help them get control of all their email.

He shows business owners, CEOs and senior executives a range of best practices to help them restore email to its rightful place as a tool to facilitate improved workplace and personal productivity.

His first career was in the wine industry (working in restaurants, retail and wholesale) before travelling to France to visit and work in vineyards and wineries in Champagne, Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Loire, Cognac and Bordeaux. After a period of seeking to combine wine education and travel, I joined a time management company with a view to perhaps becoming a time management expert to the wine trade.

So, as a result of many years of ‘hands on experience’ since 1997, working with those who are overloaded and crying out for practical, affordable solutions to the various challenges of email productivity, I have developed a series of workshops, presentations, webinars, coaching and associated resources that will show you and your team the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills, techniques and strategies for mastering your email.  What you learn could change the way you work . . .  forever!

After this presentation

You will hear from representatives from 

  • Torrens University 
  • The College of Adult Learning
  • The Career Academy

who will give you an overview of the Pathways to Learning courses provided by them.

Bookings close 24 August at 5pm.

Time zones: 11.15am WA, 1.15pm QLD, NSW, VIC|TAS. 1.45pm SA, NT.   

AIOP has partnered with Steuart Snooks Enterprises Pty Ltd. to bring you this Webinar.


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